Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Exchange

 Hallmark Sanrio Hello Kitty Valentines Day Cards for Kids School (36 Classroom Valentines with Envelopes)Check Price

Perhaps the best memories kids have of February are the Valentines Day cards they get to exchange at school.  My children have saved all of their Valentines from their elementary school days and even I have some from my school days tucked away as special mementos of early childhood friends. The Valentine’s Day cards for classroom exchange really do become more precious as the years pass, but they are fun to give and receive now!

While the Valentine’s Day card swap itself is fun and memorable, just selecting the right handouts and preparing them can be a world of fun too.  There are so many really cool Valentine’s Day boxes of cards available, it is actually hard to select just the right ones.  Some children like the sweet-smelling Valentines, some like the glittery Valentine’s Day cards and others like the cards that have candy attached.  They are all truly awesome!


Scented Valentine’s Day Cards to Exchange

 Playhouse Playful Puppies Chocolate Scented Scratch and Sniff 28 Card Valentine Exchange Box for KidsCheck Price

Valentines and chocolate are the perfect combination for any Valentine’s Day gift or greeting! Children are sure to love giving and receiving these sweet-smelling valentines.

Scratch & Sniff Valentine’s Day cards are always fun to exchange, but they are even a greater delight when they carry a special, or even secret, message.

Each of these cards include valentines greetings on the back.   However, the special greetings and comments added by children in their own hand, really make these cards a special Valentine’s Day gift.


Nail Stickers Valentine’s Day Cards to Exchange

 Playhouse Rainbow Unicorn Nail Sticker Sheet 28 Card Super Valentine Exchange Pack for KidsCheck Price

These Unicorn Valentines are really neat!

Nail art is very popular.  What fun to give friends and classmates a card including a unicorn nail sticker just for them!

Each card has a sheet of nail stickers so the recipient is not limited to just one design or art for one nail.

This set of packages Valentines comes with 28 cards, envelopes and the nail stickers.


Valentine’s Day Cards With Activity Sets to Swap with Friends

 Spongebob Squarepants Valentines Day Cards for Kids School – 24 Pack Spongebob Activity Sets w Labels | Valentines Gifts Favors for Kids Classroom Party Exchange BundleCheck Price

These Valentines to exchange are really 2 gifts in 1 since they include a fun activity.

SpongeBob is a cartoon favorite.  Plus, the coloring books are sure to be a hit with all of your child’s friend and classmates!

This Valentine package for exchanging includes 24 Valentines and activity “play packs” that include a mini coloring book, crayons & a sticker.

Valentines for Children to Exchange in School

Regardless of your preference in Valentine Cards for Classroom Exchange, being able to participate in the Valentine card exchange in school is truly a special treat in and of itself. These special days in school are really what makes our schooldays a lifetime of treasured memories.

As a parent, I always felt especially blessed when my child slipped me one of these special Valentine cards too!