Valentine Candy Jars: Vintage Designs

Valentine-Candy-Jars-V-2One of the great traditions of Valentine’s Day is candy. So an ideal way to hold your Valentine’s candy is in a beautiful, romantic vintage-designed candy jar. These designs are replicas of traditional cards with hearts, lace, ribbons and cupids. They make wonderful gift ideas for your loved ones and yourself.

Valentine Traditions on Candy Jars

The history of Valentine’s Day includes the giving of candy from nearly it’s beginning. But, it also includes beautifully decorated love cards. The romance from Victorian times and earlier are replicated in these designs on candy jars. An ideal combination for  the most romantic day of the year.

Fill Your Candy Jar for a Valentine Gift

Many of us enjoy giving gifts to those we love for just about every holiday. For Valentine’s Day, a gift of candy is traditional. Now you can create a gift with a unique twist. The traditional candy in a vintage-designed candy jar. Fill the jar with whatever kind of candy you would normally give.

Little sugar hearts with the “I love you” and “be mine” sayings on them are a favorite of mine. But, chocolate kisses make great candies to give for Valentine’s Day. Red hots, Jelly Bellies or whatever kind of candy you like to give can be loaded into a delightful candy jar.

Valentine’s Day Decor

Little accents around the home make an easy and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A candy jar can work for a table centerpiece, a kitchen counter accent, even a side table in your living room. Simple and easy holiday decor that can function to hold your favorite Valentine candy.

Customize for Your Favorite Valentine

These porcelain candy jars are easy to customize with your valentine’s name, nickname or special message. Order one for each of your beloved to say a personal greeting. Whether it’s a simple “I love you” or the more dramatic “will you marry me” a vintage-designed candy jar is an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Mandee says:

    What nice candy jars and with the vintage Valentine’s cards on them, perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift or decoration to sit out at home!

  2. Totally awesome candy jars! I absolutely love the artwork on them. What a special treat for Valentine’s Day!

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