Give the Gift of Roses that Will Never Die


Like most women, I love receiving flowers for Valentine’s Day. Each year, my husband gives me a dozen roses for Valentines Day. Traditionally red roses are given on Valentine’s Day because they symbolize true love. However, because I love every color of rose and my husband is buying a gift for me, he doesn’t always select the traditional red rose. In fact, he is much more likely to give me a variety of colors and that pleases me greatly. He knows my preferences and he is thoughtful enough to consider the recipient over the tradition.

For several days, the live roses are beautiful and their fragrance fills the air around me to remind me of his love. Sadly, all too soon the day comes, when the roses wilt and die. It is at those moments, that I am most grateful for the other Valentine’s Day roses he has given me. I actually have quite a collection.

Rose Trinket Box

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One of my most treasured possessions is the heart-shaped trinket box, decorated with roses, that my sweetheart gave me many years ago for Valentine’s Day.

We didn’t have a lot of money, but he didn’t want to ignore Valentine’s Day. He purchased the small little trinket box because of the roses. He couldn’t afford the real roses that year, but the gift was priceless to me. Funny how something that cost so little, can mean so much! Proving that it really is the thought that counts!


Rose Bouquet Crystal Bowl

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Another rose gift that I absolutely adore, is my crystal rose bowl.

My husband has known for years that I love crystal serving pieces and crystal decor. Add the rose design, and you have perfection!

When we first got married, I thought I preferred silver serving pieces. After just a few parties, I discovered the real beauty of crystal serving pieces. They sparkle and shine and are so much easier to care for than silver. Not only that, they make beautiful decorations in our home.

It might seem a bit incongruent to someone else, but my M&M’s in my Rose Bouquet candy bowl seem like a most excellent combination to me!


 Hayley Rose Chiffon Decorative Throw Pillow – 16 Inch Round – BurgundyCheck PriceRose Throw Pillow

Almost 16 years ago, my sweetheart gave me a rose pillow. I doubt he had any clue where I would actually place the pillow, but it sits dead center of our bed every day. I love that pillow!

While I may never have rested my head on that pillow, or even reclined against it, I daily rest my eyes on my beautiful and elegant rose pillow.

I remember the giver with love in my heart when I see the rose pillow on our bed.


More Roses for Valentine’s Day

By now, I am sure you have me figured out and you grasp exactly what I am suggesting. A rose doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t even have to be a real live rose to express your love on Valentine’s Day. The roses that never die are often the roses that we treasure all the days of our lives.

I have given you a few examples of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts. I encourage you to step outside of the traditional box today, and select a rose that will never die for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

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