Couples Jewelry for Valentines Day

 Custom Engraving Name/Date Stainless Steel Matching Jigsaw Puzzle Pendant Chain Necklace For Couple’s Gift (silver)Check PriceShow the world you belong to each other by giving the gift of couples jewelry for Valentines Day. These pieces are perfect to share with each other. Not only do they shout your commitment to one another to the world, but they are gentle reminders to each other of the part of ourselves that we willing give to our relationship.

These pieces of jewelry are something tangible that you can touch throughout the day when you have to be apart to feel the connection you share with one another. A constant reminder that you are loved as well as a reminder to him or her that they are loved.

Two Pieces of the Same Puzzle Necklace

This is such a pretty set of puzzle pieces symbolizing that you are two pieces of the same puzzle that fit together perfectly.

This particular necklace set is neither too feminine nor too masculine for either gender. It is the perfect balance of beauty and playfulness.

This set is stainless steel, but is also available in blue or black. Each pendant is suspended on a black cord that is adjustable for desired length.

If you don’t want to wear it as a necklace, you could also fashion it into a keychain pendant.


Two Charms, One Heart Couples Necklaces

 Yazilind 2pcs Mens Womens Puzzle Stainless Steel Love Pendant Couple Necklace Gift 17Check Price

These pendants are lovely as separate necklaces, but create a beautiful heart when laid side by side.

This is truly symbolic of how two people can be attractive as individuals, but when they are together, they are spectacular.

Each piece is reminiscent of a dragon and we all love dragons! This is another example of a necklace or pendant that either gender will feel comfortable wearing.

The charms are stainless steel and come with a 17″ chain.



The Mizpah Medal Necklace

 925 Sterling Silver Breakapart Mizpah Coin Set Necklace Charm Pendant Religious Judaica Love Fine Jewelry For Women Gifts For HerCheck PriceThe Mizpah coin necklace is a more traditional style than the other featured pendants. It has been worn for decades and is highly recognizable to many generations as a simple of a committed relationship.

The quote on the coin is from the Bible, “The Lord watch between me and thee while we are absent one from another.” The sides of the coin split the verse so that each one of you is wearing a section of the quote. When placed together, it is a complete quote.

This particular choice also offers a prayer shared by the couple for one another. Not only does this necklace indicate the committed relationship between two people, but also their commitment to God.

More Couples Necklaces

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