Valentine Plush Animals

Teddy Bears Aren’t the Only Plush Way to Share the Love on Valentine’s Day

 IKASA Bear Stuffed AnimalCuddly toys are always popular gifts for Valentine’s Day and they don’t always have to be teddy bears!  In addition to teddy bears, there are many more sweet plush creatures to choose from to make your sweetheart smile. Valentine plush animals include elephants, dogs, squirrels, bunnies and more.  Just wait till you see these cuties!  They are all so adorable that it may be difficult to choose just one.

This year, make sure she has something to cuddle when you are not around.  Take your pick from these plush toys that girls from 9 to 90 will enjoy.  Any one of these is guaranteed to raise awwws and smiles this Valentine’s Day.


I slept with all of my stuffed animals as a kid.
I didn’t want any of them to be offended.


Snoopy Valentine Plush Stuffed Cuddly Doll

 New 2024 Peanuts, Snoopy and Woodstock Plush 14Check Price
Who doesn’t love Snoopy?

Let this cute little plush “cupid” shoot the arrow of love straight to your sweetheart’s heart.

Snoopy is always adorable, but add Woodstock and flowers, you have a fabulous Valentine combination!

Figures & roses are removable, but the bouquet as is would make a beautiful gift or table centerpiece for Valentine’s Day.

This is a definitely winner on Valentine’s Day.


Love Bear Valentine Plush Animals Set

 Let’s Make Memories Personalized Kissy Plush Bears for CouplesCheck Price


The traditional teddy bear is always a favorite for Valentine’s Day.

This couple is a soft and sweet 12-inch pair of bears which represent the bound between you and your sweetheart.

These bears are lovably soft and cuddly to hold.  As you can see in the photo, the bears are holding a heart which can be personalized with you and your sweethearts names.

They make a lovely pair don’t they?!!


Elephant Valentine Plush Animals

 My OLi Plush Elephant Stuffed Animal with Heart Soft Elephant Plush Check Price

This elephant is simply precious!

Like a real elephant, the elephant shown is actually bigger than the average Valentine plush animal. He is 8″ of soft and cuddly plush.

His ears are covered with soft pink fabric to reflect his tender heart. No one could resist loving him in return.

This adorable elephant is holding a plush heart that says “Don’t Forget I Love You”. Of course, we all know elephants have long memories.


Bearington Lazarus, The Love Dragon, Valentine Plush Animals

 Bearington Lazarus The Love Dragon Valentine’s Day Plush, 11 Inch Dragon Valentine’s Stuffy, Ideal for Valentine’s Gift for KidsCheck Price

Like any relationship, a dragon needs love all year round, but he show his sweet and vulnerable side on Valentine’s Day.

In addition to the dragon that is shown, there is also a Bearington puppy and a love bug bear created just for Valentines.  You can see some additional Valentine plush animals in the Bearington collection, by clicking here.

Any of these Valentine plush animals would be the perfect gift if given alone, but they would also make a great companion gift with flowers or perhaps a piece of jewelry to add that extra touch of love on Valentines Day.

When you can’t be together, these plush animals will keep her company and serve as wonderful reminders of your love!

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