Elegant and Beautiful Valentine Mint or Candy Tins

Elegant-Valentine-Candy-MinValentine’s Day, the ultimate day of love, is an ideal time to share with your loved ones. Simple gifts, like these Valentine candy or mint tins, are easy on the budget while still giving that special someone a little extra.

All Heart Elegant Candy Tins

Red, pink or purple hearts are such a traditional sign of love and Valentine’s Day. Giving your loved one a beautiful heart candy tin makes an ideal way to show how much you care. These are some that will make that human heart flutter.

Pre-filled With Your Choice of Candy or Mints

Alright, I will admit I love Jelly Belly candies, so the idea that I can chose to have my candy tins filled with these delightful little candies is perfect for me. In fact, you have lots of choices for what to have your chosen design filled with. Small white mints or Jelly Belly candies in many options are available to you.

The Jelly Belly options are a mix of all 20 flavors, or you can pick to have the whole tin filled with one flavor. If you want all pink, there are 3 flavors: Tutti Frutti, Cotton Candy or Bubble Gum. For reds, try the Very Cherry or Strawberry Daiquiri. But don’t overlook the Chocolate Pudding Flavor. After all, chocolate and Valentine’s Day go great together.

Roses, Roses, Roses Elegant Candy Tins

Roses are just beautiful and elegant all on their own. But, choose a design that is all roses and you have a beautiful gift for your loved one. These are all fabulous choices to give a gorgeous gift for Valentine’s Day.

Sizes and Shapes to Suit Your Budget

Most gifts you might give for Valentine’s Day are just too holiday-ish. These candy tins can be used all year long. Carry along or just tuck in a special place in the home. You have your choice of 6 different sizes and shapes, including a glass candy jar with your chosen design on the lid.

You can find a size and style to fit your budget for Valentine’s Day gifts. The small tins are less than $10 each so you can give one to all of your special loved ones. I already have one picked out for each of granddaughters.

There are plenty of options and designs to choose from. Take a look at Valentine Candy Tins on Zazzle to see more designs and choices. Or pick a larger gift like a Valentine Day candy jar, if your budget works for that.

Originally posted 2013-10-11 16:25:59.