Valentine’s Day Cards with Candy for Classroom Exchange

Valentine cards for kids to exchangeExchanging Valentine’s Day cards with elementary school classmates makes for a very memorable childhood Valentine’s Day.  Children love trading cards with each other.  In our own home, we have spent countless hours with our children selecting just the right card for each friend and classmate.  Not to mention the fun after school when they come home and spread their valentines out on the kitchen table to carefully read the inscriptions.  There are always favorites! 

The Valentine’s cards that have candy or special treats enclosed always seem to be at the top of the list.

Of course, it is important that the boxed Valentine’s cards have really neat images on the front, but children always love getting a little treat along with the card.   Why not let your child give that favorite card this Valentine’s Day to their classmates?  Here you will find several boxed Valentine’s Day cards for classroom exchange that include candy to give to their friends along with an awesome Valentine card.


Boxed Valentine’s Cards with Candy

You could always just give the little packets of candy, but my children save their Valentine cards from their classmates.  As a matter of fact, they make boxes each year to store the paper cards in and look back at them whenever they desire a short trip down memory lane.

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to some children to select a card with a currently popular image.  When I was a child, Mickey Mouse and the Disney characters were all the rage.  Disney is still extremely popular, but there are more characters available than just Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Each child will no doubt have a preference, so let them look and select the combination they prefer. Here are some selections that include both cards and candy.

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Note, not all of the card and candy boxed sets have envelopes included.  If you want cards, candy and envelopes, be sure to read the contents of the package carefully before you buy.  Many of the cards with lollipops just have holes in the cards to hold the sucker.  Another concern with the lollipops is that they break easily.  If you need enough for an entire classroom of children, you probably need to plan to purchase 2 boxes instead of one to insure you have enough unbroken lollipops to go around. Or simply purchase an additional bag of lollipops or dumdums.


Select Your Favorite Candy for Your Valentine’s Day Cards

However, the actual kind of candy is more important to some kids.

If your child prefers to give candy other than lollipops, they might well prefer these boxed Valentines. Pixy Stixs, chocolate bars and ringpops are always popular choices!

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Select Your Own Candy for Your Valentine’s Day Cards

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If you don’t see the combination of cards and candy that your child desires, You may want to purchase these valentines and fill their arms with your own favorite candy. This is a great way to insure that the candy your children will be giving their friends is fresh and exactly what they want.

I suspect these boxes were made for suckers (lollypops) as shown in the photo, but there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t put miniature candy of any type in the cards boxes. Do note, there may not be envelopes included. Just the valentines for your child to address, sign and insert their candy of choice.