Heart Shaped Lockets Gift Guide

Heart Shaped LocketsThe Gift Guide of the BEST Heart Shaped Lockets

A heart shaped locket will have a special place to hold photos or treasured items.  Anything from a mustard seed to a secret treasure.  No matter who you buy a heart shaped locket for it is sure to be cherished and will often be a family heirloom in time.  Heart shaped lockets also symbolize love.  When you give a heart shaped lockets, you are telling the recipient and the world that you love them, whether the words are written there or not.

The Heart Shaped Lockets Gift Guide will give you a place to compare the Heart Shaped Lockets you can buy for girls, women, boys, and men in your life.  A heart shaped locket guide gives you one page to compare quality, features, design, and enjoy looking at the variety of options you can buy.  When you are shopping for heart shaped lockets, you will find them in several designs, materials, and purposes.


Gold Heart Shaped Lockets

Heart Shaped Locket Gift Guide

Gold Heart Shaped Lockets come in white and yellow gold as well as costume jewelry for younger girls and times when you would like to not worry about a treasured piece of jewelry being lost or broken.

This particular heart shaped locket is white gold and features an engraved rose and the words “I love you”.   The locket itself measures 1 inch is would be perfect for the sweetheart that prefers small, lightweight necklaces and pendants.  The locket does open and you can put small pictures inside.  Keep in mind, the locket is not very big, so the pictures will need to be rather small.

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Most heart shaped lockets that are available online are 1 inch or smaller in size.  Don’t let the photos deceive you.  They are taken to show details, not size.   If size matters to you, and frankly it does to most women, be sure to check the size of the locket (not the gift box) in the description when you are making your selection.  If it is not stated, ask the seller before you purchase the locket.

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Silver Heart Shaped Lockets

Heart Shaped Locket Gift Guide

Silver is one of the most popular jewelry choices when you want a precious metal with a lower investment.  It is also most popular because silver tones coordinate well with a wider range of wardrobe styles.  It is common for someone to have a preference overall and others to like both depending on what they are wearing.

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Sterling Silver is often first choice for ladies who prefer silver in color simply because it is a lot less expensive than white gold and is quite durable.   There are also some really lovely designs available, as you can see for yourself.

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Crystal & Gems Heart Shaped Lockets

Heart Shaped Locket Gift Guide

Crystal & Gems Heart Shaped Lockets come in affordable as well as ornate designs such as blown glass, gemstones or crystal.  Something for every budget and every age on your gift list.  When you are selecting a crystal heart shaped locket you can also think about what will be inside… that will give you an idea about the size and type of item to buy.

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Heart Shaped Lockets for Men

You may have always considered heart shaped lockets a gift just for women, but now there are heart shaped lockets For Him too.  These heart shaped cuff links are actually little lockets that he can wear.   Plus, these heart shaped locket cuff links open and will also hold tiny photos.  When he is sitting in a boring business meeting, he can flip open his cuff link and concentrate on you.

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A Locket for Valentine’s Day

Personally, I love lockets.  When I wear my locket, I feel like my sweetheart is with me, in a way.  When our children were first born, I had a locket with their pictures pressed into the photo sections inside the locket.  Whether you desire to wear a locket with photos of your sweetheart or children, or perhaps even all of them, is truly a personal decision, but a heart shaped locket is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.