Building Our Life Together Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer

Building Our Lives Together HammerThe “Building Our Life Together” engraved hammer would be a great gift to give to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day!

It is always hard to choose just the right gift for a man.  Most men don’t wear a lot of jewelry and men rarely want flowers.  Therefore, the traditional Valentine’s Day gift suggestions simple won’t work.  Each year, we find ourselves trying to come up with an original gift to give them and are often frustrated by the search.  This year, I have a great suggestion for a Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life!

Most guys really love their tools and every toolbox needs at least one hammer.  My own husband actually has several hammers.  He has joked many times about how they seem to somehow walk away and he can never find one when he needs it.

 Wedding Gift Building Our Life Together New Homeowners Tool Gift Engraved Wood Handle Steel Hammer


Giving an Engraved Hammer for Valentine’s Day

This particular hammer is not only an effective tool, but it carries a sentiment that is engraved right on the handle.  Every time he uses his hammer, he will think of you and your life together.  What a great way to remind him, even when he is working, that you love him.  Plus, “building our lives together” is not so mussy that it would embarrass him if he happens to be working alongside friends.

This is not a hammer that could be used for a really substantial job, but it can be used to drive nails for hanging pictures or other lighter hammering needs.  It makes a great household hammer.  Just not a heavy construction hammer.

Hammer home the love by giving him a gift this year that he will actually use!


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Building Our Life Together Hammer