Valentine’s Day Boxed Cards for Kids to Exchange

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Boxed Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids
You can find the best, most popular Valentines Day Cards for Kids to Exchange on this page, as well as some really unique Valentines.  Perhaps the best memories of February are the Valentines Day cards for kids to exchange at school , club, or community gatherings.

When the greetings swap is fun and memorable, the holiday tradition will be a warm and uplifting event for kids (and adults as well).  The process of finding just the right handouts, preparing them, exchanging, and then taking them home to read, can is a great way for children to connect with their peers in a positive way.

They are also great keepsakes from our childhood school days.  Some of the personal notes are fun to read even 50 years later.


Boxed Valentine’s Day Cards with Stickers

The boxed Valentines with stickers are really awesome to exchange.  Children can save the cards with the special messages and put the stickers on their notebooks, bulletin boards, journals, etc.   Perhaps they will want to make a special craft with the collected stickers.

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Boxed Valentine Cards for Boys

Selecting themes and styles of Valentines that boys will love is the best way to give boys Valentine cards they will feel comfortable exchanging with their friends.  They can even share a few laughs with each other.  They will have a blast giving funny cards, sports themed, favorite cartoon characters, creature themed or superheros.  These are a few of the most popular boxed Valentines for boys.

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Valentines Day Cards for Girls to Exchange

Girls are most likely to love the process of exchanging Valentines and love to give them in cheerful themes and styles.  Think about the things your daughter, niece, or granddaughter likes.  That will give you a good start in selecting the theme she will love.  If she is nearby, let her choose her favorite cards to give from this selection.

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Valentines Day Cards for Tweens

Some Tweens like to exchange Valentines with their friends when there are themes they like.  Themes such as popular movies and television shows or fashion favorites.  Hero cards, favorite movie stars, or TV shows the teens and tweens are watching are always a good choice.

Tweens usually prefer to pick the cards out for themselves.  However, if you are trying to help and don’t know what kind of Valentine cards they will like, it is always a good idea to ask.  Text them with your question.  Ask them “what is your favorite TV show” or “Do you like ….” to get an idea what theme Valentines Day Cards they might like to exchange.


Valentine Exchange Party Ideas

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You can exchange Valentines in many ways.

You can exchange Valentine Cards in person, by mail, or have a place for drop off and pick up in your community. Be sure to give a list of children’s names to all participants so no one is left out.

An exchange party should be planned ahead elaborately or simply. If it is a process in person at school or a club, you can create a place for kids to place the cards. Label them with each child’s name on them. Let each child put the cards into their friend’s box (or large envelope). At the end of the day this process has created a collection of valentines from friends which will likely be referred to throughout the year (sometimes longer) as a source of uplifting encouragement.

If it is a mail in or other process, select someone to handle the sorting so each child receives all the cards addressed to them at one time in one package. Something they made in advance or purchased to receive them would be one way to plan this.

You will most likely want to find great Valentines cards for kids to exchange with other kids, family, friends, and teachers. Boxed sets of cards make that really easy.


Valentine Exchange Suggestion For Tween and Teen Girls

Teen and Tween girls would love themes with their favorite singers, movie characters, and day-to-day fashion ideas. However, they would probably rather make friendship bracelets to exchange instead of cards. These bracelets are great to collect and would be a wonderful reminder of teen friends in years to come.

Why not plan a Valentine’s Day sleepover and have the Friendship Bracelets kit there for the girls. Then they could select their favorite colors, make bracelets and exchange them right there. Imagine how much fun they would have wearing them on the next school day and sharing the secret behind the bracelets.

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Valentine Cards for Classroom Exchange