Planning a Romantic Valentine’s Dinner

Romantic-Valentines-DinnerWith Valentine’s Day being the most romantic day of the year, many of us plan special dinners just for the occasion. Planning a romantic Valentine’s dinner is easy when you include those little extras. Those things that will make the table as special and loving as the food you serve.

Romantic Atmosphere with Candles or Lights

With any romantic dinner, candles are a natural. A candlelit room has loads of atmosphere. It also sets a romantic tone for your evening. Candles in the center of the table or as part of the centerpiece are traditional. But, think about some non-traditional ways to use candles. And make use of small lights, too.

  • A small grouping of tea lights set on a sideboard or on your counter close to the table.
  • Heart-shaped candles set on either side of the table, apart from where you place settings will be.
  • Pink or rose colored bulbs in small lamps placed close to the table.
  • A small pink tea light set as part of each place setting on the table.

Open flames may not be to your liking. Then make use of LED lights to replicate the romantic atmosphere of candlelight without the open flame. LED candles are available in heart shapes and Valentine’s Day colors and styles.

Valentine’s Dinner Place Settings

A romantic Valentine’s dinner can be enhanced by using your best china, silver and crystal. This is a special evening, so get out your special place settings. Valentine’s Day dishware is also available to make your place settings more special for the romantic evening. Since your dinner will most likely only involve 2 place settings, the cost won’t be too much.

Use table linens, like placemats and napkins, in reds, whites and pinks. You can also find many options for beautifully designed Valentine’s Day table linens. Dress up your place settings to help enhance the romantic mood.

Plan Your Menu with Love

The food you serve for your romantic Valentine’s dinner can include those favorites of your loved one. Even simple menus can be made with special extras. Take out pizza can be turned into a romantic meal.

Spend a little extra time to carve some fresh vegetables into heart shapes. These can make charming extras to complement whatever your menu includes.

Plan desserts to be special for Valentine’s Day. If cakes are your preference, serve a heart-shaped cake. Fresh fruit dipped in chocolate makes another romantic dinner dessert. Heart-shaped cookies are available in any grocery store around Valentine’s Day if baking isn’t your thing.

Add Extras for Your Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner

Little extras can make your dinner even more special. A place card that simply says “I Love You” can be set in front of your loved one’s plate. Sprinkling small candy hearts around the table like confetti also adds a little extra.

Don’t be afraid to let your own imagination have some fun. Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner should be all about showing your loved one how much he or she is loved. So get creative. And enjoy your preparations as well as your dinner.