Valentine’s Day Candy Heart Box of Chocolates

Box of Chocolates for Valentines DayI remember well the huge boxes of chocolate candy that my grandfather gave to my grandmother for Valentine’s Day every year.

I always dreamed I would find and marry someone who would give me those heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

It was just so very romantic!

Plus, being able to keep the box as a memento is like getting two gifts in one.  Actually, the box lids make very pretty crafts too.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate

I think all children love chocolate and I will readily admit, I have not outgrown my love of chocolate candy.  Fortunately for me, my husband indulges my chocolate addition, as well as my romantic desires by giving me a heart-shaped box of chocolates each year for Valentine’s Day.

They aren’t always big boxes of chocolate, and they certainly don’t have to be huge. The heart-shaped boxes of chocolate he brings home show his love for me by showing me that he knows what I want and giving me my idea of the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day gift.

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Sometimes I even share my chocolates with him!


Refill the Heart-Shaped Boxes with Candy

The initial chocolate always seems to be gone long before I have had my fill of candy.  Because I prefer to keep the heart-shaped box around longer too, I refill my heart box of chocolates with fresh candy.  To be honest, that isn’t a bad idea to do even from year to year if you are on a limited budget.  It is a lot less expensive to buy a plain box of candy.  Plus, you most often get twice as candy in those plain boxes.  Which means you can refill your heart box several times.