Heart Shaped Picture Frames

Heart Shaped Picture FrameGiving your sweetheart a picture of yourself or the two of you together is always a treasured gift.  Giving her one in a heart shaped frame is simply fabulous!

It tells her that your love her without ever having to say a word.  Every time she looks at the picture, she will think of you.  Plus, a heart shaped frame is a lovely decorative piece in any room or home.

One picture is fabulous, several pictures is magnificent!

Why not choose several pictures of the two of you together and make a love collage.  They are not just for weddings.  They can simply be a celebration of your love.

Or, maybe you would prefer a decorative frame that spells out the word love that features one picture like the one shown below.  Either gift would be awesome!

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Heart Shaped Frames

We all love showing of pictures of loved ones.  It is even better if the frame from a Valentine’s Day gift from you.

If you have a picture that can be cut to look really nice in a heart shaped frame, than one of the single photo frames would be perfect.  But, if you have photos that would not look as good cut into a shape, than opt for one of the frames that is shaped like a heart and holds a standard image.

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Add a Little Color

Not all heart shaped frames are white even though white most often makes a great frame color for a photo.  White will not distract from the image itself.  However, many of us love the color blue and the frame below is gorgeous.  If you have a photo that can handle the color, you may well prefer this lovely frame.

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Heart Frames