Romantic Throw Pillows that Speak of Love

Romantic Pillows with Sentimental MessagesI enjoy decorating our home with throw pillows that carry a message and speak of love.  I know I am a romantic and I also know that I am not alone in my decorating choices.

These message pillows remind your spouse that you love them just as much today as you did the day you married. They also make lovely decor in your home.

I have my favorite romantic throw pillow centered on our bed.  That has been its place for over 20 years.  It is still beautiful and meaningful to both of us.  In our case, the pillow was purchased after we were married.  But, what a wonderful idea to select a pillow for the ring bearer to carry that will be a pretty accent pillow in your home for years to come.


To Share My Life and Love With You Pillow

This pillow is specifically designed to speak of love.   The white satin will make a beautiful accent pillow for your home.  It comes with a matching flower girl basket if you wish to use it in a wedding first.  Regardless of whether you use it in a wedding or not, it would truly be a beautiful throw pillow in your bedroom and home decor.

 To Share My Life and Love With You White Satin Pillow – Approximately 9″ x 9″Check Price


Happily Ever After Pillow

If white satin is not for you, perhaps you would prefer this pretty burlap pillow with the sentiment “Happily Ever After” embroidered on the top.  It is definitely a more casual design, but still quite lovely with a fabulous message.   Having a marriage that endures for decades is so much better than any fairy tale story ever written.

 Burlap Happily Ever After, Country Shabby Chic Pillow – Approximately 9″ x 9″Check Price


Simple Messages of Love

If you prefer a simpler style, but you still want to share that message of love, either of these pillows would make lovely decor pillows for your home.  And, definitely great gifts for your Valentine!

I never mind letting people know that we are happily married, but I we have friends who are more private and don’t really like displays of affection.  If you have company coming in and you don’t wish for them to read you semi-private message to your sweetheart, turn the pillow over until they are gone.  Either way, your sweetie knows what the pillow says whether the message is showing or not.

 You Are So Loved PillowCheck Price I Found the One My Soul Loves PillowCheck Price Love Bird PillowCheck Price


Pillows with Romantic Messages


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