Valentine Party Ideas — Kids Valentine’s Party

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to host a party.

Since it’s not as popular as say Halloween parties, you may need some help coming up with Valentine party ideas for a kids party.

Fear not — we are here to help!

Regardless of whether the party you are planning is for kids, teens or adults, there are lots of ideas for a Valentine’s party.

Let’s take a look at a few kids party ideas…

Kids Valentine Party Ideas

Most kids enjoy a short Valentine’s party in their classroom. But, what if your child would just like to host their own party — a bit more in-depth than a classroom party — or has a birthday near the 14th of February? Both of these are perfect opportunities to host a Valentine’s themed party.

You could choose cute Valentine party invitations for your child to pass out to friends at school. Decorations for a kids party would likely be more about candy and games than it would be love and kisses. Consider some of these decorations to use at your child’s Valentine’s Day party:

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Valentine Party Ideas — Games

Organize some games with a Valentine’s theme like:

  • Valentine’s Bingo — use candy conversation hearts as markers
  • Pin the Arrow on the heart – Instead of a tail on a donkey, have the children stick an arrow as close to the arrow printed on the heart as possible. Make the board with the heart and arrow by drawing on a piece of foam board. Make arrows for each of the kids by cutting them from poster board or paper. Write each child’s name on his/her arrow so you know who wins or use a different color for each arrow. When finished, the heart will be covered with arrows! Whomever is closest to the printed/drawn heart wins.
  • Valentine’s Bucket Bonanza — Play a version of “Bozo Bucket Bonanza Grand Prize Game” (I know, I am showing my age here…) Line up buckets or cups in a vertical line. Have kids, one at a time, toss a piece of wrapped candy into each bucket. The person that makes it to the farthest bucket wins. If there is a tie, have a playoff.

Kids Valentine’s Party Food

valentine candy buffetBottom line?  Kids love candy! If you are hosting this party in conjunction with a birthday, then by all mean, include cake and ice cream. Kids expect it. If not, consider giving them a juice drink and small snack during the party and then having them fill their own take home treat bags just before the party is over.

You do this by setting up a candy buffet. Kids absolutely love them! The more different types of candy you can display, the better. Make it a fun, festive Valentine display too. Don’t just line things up in bowls. Add some decor and cool, themed treat bags.

Don’t go overboard on the quantity of each type of candy or you’ll be eating it for months. For kids parties, I find more variety in types of candy and less quantity in each type is best. Go for red and pink or very colorful candies as the buffet table will become part of your decor.

Above all, have fun!  That’s what a party is all about.

Candy buffet image credit: Connie Foggles