Decorate Your Home with Messages of Love for Valentine’s Day

Messages of Love for Valentines DaySpread messages of love throughout your home this Valentine’s Day with unique messages of love home decor.

We all enjoy discovering those special messages of love from our sweethearts, but the don’t have to be limited to paper or cards.  Here are several suggestions for decorating your home with messages of love for Valentine’s Day.

Leave a special message of love for your sweetheart in every room of the house letting them know that they are loved.  I bet they will get the message!


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Love Shower Curtain

Most of us start our day with a shower, so we will start our love messages with a shower curtain that features a special message of love.

There are lots of different shower curtains with special messages or images to consider.  This message gets right to the heart of the matter, but you may prefer a different one.


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Message of Love on Toilet Paper

Here is another fun way to leave a message of love in the bathroom.  This one is sure to get a laugh in addition to telling your sweetheart you love them.  You will know they have discovered this private message when you hear the laughter through the bathroom door.

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Message of Love Coffee Cup

After a shower, we go in search of that first cup of coffee to start the day.  A coffee cup with a special message of love would be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Set this cup out next to the coffee pot, washed and ready to be used to delight your sweetheart with a new coffee cup and a special message of love.

Of course, there are lots of coffee cups that feature love messages, including travel mugs. Simply choose your favorite or one that would have special meaning to the two of you.


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Message of Love on the Wall

This is truly one of my favorites simply because it would be so unexpected.  After all, who writes on a wall?  However, with these totally awesome wall decals, you can place a special message of love on any wall in your home.  It would be especially cool to put it on the wall in a home office so he would see it as soon as he sits down at his desk.

Of course, some guys head to the den couch to relax for a few minutes after work.  So, place the love message on the wall right above the television.

These are just a few suggestions and ideas.  You choose the appropriate wall, mirror, door, etc., and decal based on your sweethearts daily routine.


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Pillowcases with Messages of Love

Special pillowcases on the bed would be the perfect end to a wonderful day of special messages!

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Pillowcases or throw pillows are another great way to “leave” a message of love for your sweetheart.  I personally have a throw pillow that my sweetheart gave me nearly 20 years ago.  To this day, it is one of my favorite keepsakes and messages of love.   Each time I see it, it makes me think lovingly of the man himself.

We each have different sayings that mean something to us and every relationship has a saying that just seems to be repeated to each other throughout the years together.

Find your special saying and decorate your home for Valentine’s Day in a very special, unique and unforgettable way.

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