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As I started my search this year for a Valentine’s Day card for my husband, I was once again reminded of how many wonderful Valentines Day cards there are available for that special love and one of a kind relationship.

I found so many beautiful Valentines Day cards for the one you love, that I decided Valentines Day should actually be Valentines Week and that way I could give him a new Valentine card each day for several days.

I even found some wonderful Valentine Day cards that he could give to his true love.  Yes, I do mean that he could give to me, but I thought it sounded a bit odd that I was picking out Valentines Day cards for a wife for my husband.  See how wrong that sounds!

So, let’s have a little fun!  Let me show you the Valentine’s Day cards I found and you can tell me what you think.  Along the way, I have no doubt you will find the perfect Valentines Day card for the one you love too!


Popular Valentine Day Cards for the One You Love – You Write the Message Inside!

 Valentine Dragon Greeting CardCheck Price

Each Zazzle Valentine’s Day card is specially made when you place your order.  Some of these designed cards include a message inside, but many allow you to write your own message in a text box online, and Zazzle will professionally print your personal message in the card.

I love the idea of writing my own personal message in the greeting cards at Zazzle.

This truly is the way to give a “one of a kind” Valentine’s Day card!

If you are having trouble coming up with exactly what to say, you may wish to visit our article “Love Quotes for Blank Valentine Cards” by simply clicking the title.   Love quotes are a great place to start.


Some Valentines Day Cards are Just Plain Fun!

 Jackrabbit Loves Cactus Funny Valentine CardCheck Price

Some Valentine Cards Hold Special Meaning for Some of Us, but Aren’t Exactly Romantic.

When I found these Valentine’s Day cards, I decided I needed to buy several cards for Valentine’s Day!   Of course, I love and appreciate receiving the romantic cards, but these Valentine cards would simply be a lot of fun to give to just about anyone including our children! really is a great place to find original, unique, fabulous and funny Valentine’s Day cards for the one you love.


Most Popular Valentine’s Day Cards Available Online

Here is an example of one of those really beautiful cards for my husband to give his wife.  The beauty of the artwork, coupled with a few simple words of love, equals the perfect Valentine’s Day card for the one my husband loves.

 Valentines Card Wife (To my wife with love) HallmarkCheck Price



A Few Really Sweet Valentine’s Day Cards ~ The Pictures Alone Just About Say It All!

Sometimes a picture really does paint a thousand words and these romantic photos really do not need very many words, if any.  They two teddy bears length arm in arm beautifully symbolizes two people length together in love.   They heart-shaped ice block floating on the water most likely says something different to everyone.  To me, I see a solid love surviving throughout the many rivers, lakes and even stormy waters.

 Valentines Day Spouse Wife Husband Friend Sweetheart Bears Cute Forever Love Greetiing Card 5×7 by QuickieCardsCheck Price Valentines Day Spouse Husband Him Sweetheart Heart Beautiful Love Greetiing Card 5×7 by QuickieCardsCheck Price


Save the Card

I save all of my Valentine’s Day cards.   I like to pull them out and look at them sometimes just for fun.  When we first receive the card, we might not take as much time to really consider the words as we do later when we can really focus just on them.

I envision myself someday making a fabulous scrapbook or cool craft with my cards, but for now, I just store them in a drawer and pull them out ever so often to remember that I am loved.

A Very Romantic and Loving Valentine’s Day Card – For the One You Love!

 Greeting Card Valentine’s DayCheck Price


More Valentines Day Cards for the One You Love

Because I like photography, I am often drawn to cards with real photos featured on the front.  There really are lots of beautiful and awesome Valentine’s Day cards featuring photos.  These are just a few.

 Valentines Day Lover Darling Spouse Husband Rose Wife Greeting Card 5×7 by QuickieCardsCheck Price Valentines Day Love Spouse Husband Waterfall Greeting Card 5×7 by QuickieCardsCheck Price Valentines Day Love You Spouse Husband Beautiful Wife Greeting Card 5×7 by QuickieCardsCheck Price


A Gift and A Card

Usually my husband finds some wonderful new treasure to bestow upon me for Valentine’s Day, but occasionally he gives me a gift card so I can buy a specific new cake pan.  I know the ones I want and he wants to make sure the right one is purchased.

I love to bake cakes and I tend to pour over them like most women do jewelry.  For me, being able to select one that I really want, but would not buy for myself, is truly a gift.

 Amazon eGift Card – Valentines HeartsCheck Price

Valentine’s Day Card and Gift Combined – Please Tell Us What You Think About Gift Cards for Valentine’s Day

All of my life, I have heard people say that gift cards are not personal enough, especially for Valentine’s Day.  Personally, I disagree.  Perhaps, that is the “practical” side of me showing.  I would much rather get a gift card so I can buy exactly what I want instead of my precious husband spending his hard-earned money on a gift that may end up in a drawer or cabinet unused.  I assure you, I would appreciate his thoughtfulness behind any gift, but with a gift card I can have both his thoughtfulness and a gift I am sure to use.

Do You Like Getting Gift Cards for Valentines Day?  Of so, make sure your sweetheart knows that gift cards do not offend you.  No need to consider what others think if the two of you are in agreement.



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