Music Box Lockets

Music Box LocketsIt isn’t always easy to find just the right Valentine’s Day gift for the woman you love, but I can tell you, most woman would dearly love receiving a music box locket.  Not only is it a gorgeous locket, but you can select a song that speaks to her heart.  When she opens the locket and the music begins to play, she will think only of you and the love you share.

These music box lockets are not only beautiful, but they are quite unique.  As a woman, I can tell you, woman love wearing something that no one else has.  We also feel loved when we have something we can wear that signifies that special relationship.  Something that makes us feel like we carry a part of our sweetheart with us everywhere we go.  A special memory, a gentle touch, a loving glance, are all enclosed within the locket because it is those things that we remember when we open it and listen to the melody of love.

All women love jewelry, but it is the significance of a particular piece of jewelry that makes that item a true treasure.


The Heart Shaped Music Box Locket

Music Box Locket
Click Here to Purchase the Heart Shaped Music Box Locket

The symbolism of a heart shape pendant speaks volumes to anyone.  Because it represents love, we know without asking that the heart shaped music box locket is a cherished token of love.

What most observers will not know is that the pendant carries a song.  That can be a secret the recipient doesn’t need to tell everyone.  The song could be something only the two of you share.   When you are apart, your sweetheart can open the little music box.  It will deliver your message of love anytime she needs to be reassured or simply feel close to you.

There are several styles of heart shaped music box lockets available.  There are lockets that feature angels, animals, gems, fairies and of course, the locket shown above.  You can see the entire collection by clicking here.

Round Music Box Lockets

Music Box Lockets
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Vintage styles are also quite popular!

This gorgeous round locket is not only ornate and beautiful, but it also holds a music box.

This may be a vintage style, but it unlike the pieces of ages past, this locket will never tarnish.  It has been sealed with clear resin to protect and preserve it’s beauty.

At the time of ordering, you choose the song from the selection available that you wish the music box to play.


More Music Box Lockets

Charsfavoritethings on Etsy offers a large selection of music box lockets.  As with any handmade specialty item, the inventory available can and will change.  If you see a particular music box locket that you love, don’t wait and risk losing the opportunity to purchase your preference.  Any of these music box lockets would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love.

Music Box Lockets
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Music Box Lockets