Valentine Coffee Mugs

love you mugWhat is the first thing you do in the morning?  For many of us, we require our coffee immediately.  That is why a Valentine coffee mug is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Of course, coffee mugs are not limited to coffee.  February is a cold month for most, and hot chocolate is another hot beverage we seek out.  Hot tea is another beverage we drink to help warm up.  So why not warm hearts while warming our bodies with a wonderful reminder of love.

When you give your sweetheart a mug, add a packet or bag of their favorite hot beverage to the complete the gift.  Each morning, afternoon, or night when they reach to the warmth of a hot drink, they will grab the mug bearing the priceless sentiment from you.

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Matching or Complimentary Coffee Mugs

Matching or complimentary coffee mugs are always a fun thing for couples to share.  Without saying a word, you know you are not truly complete without the other.  The heart shaped mug handles add that extra touch to express your love without saying it outright.  Some of us aren’t always big on words, we prefer the visual imagery.

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Love Mugs

Of course, a simple “I love you” mug or one with two hearts may be all you need to remind your sweetheart that you love her, or him, all day, every day.  Sometimes, it really is just those few words that make all the difference in whether we have a good day, or a mediocre day.  All of us should remember, always let your Valentine know you love her or him with all of your heart!

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Valentines Day Coffee Mugs