Practical and Beautifully Decorative Perfume Bottles

Decorative Perfume BottlesDecorative perfume bottles are lovely Valentine’s Day gifts that a recipient will treasure for a lifetime. 

Perfume bottles are often as priceless to the recipient as a rare jewel when given by a sweetheart.  Even those of us who cannot wear lab created fragrances, can appreciate the beauty of a decorative perfume bottle on our dresser or vanity.  After all, it can hold vanilla as easily as an expensive perfume.  We all associate the scent of vanilla with home, love and a tender embrace.

Regardless of the contents, a decorative perfume bottle is a lovely gift in and of itself.


Decorative Perfume Bottles

Hand Blown Ruby Red Glass Perfume Bottle

Decorative Perfume Bottle

Hand Blown Glass 
Ruby Red Overlay by Jonathan Winfisky

Some decorative perfume bottles are destined to be collectibles.  Because of their unique design, or perhaps because they are one of a kind, collectors find true value in their rarity.  When the bottle is hand blown, you get an even greater treasure.

True craftsman in any craft is daily becoming harder to find.  In this world of hurry and mass production, we have lost the beauty of a fine piece of craftsmanship.  However, when each piece is handmade, you know you have a rare and unique work of art when you buy any item directly from the creator himself.

Because this perfume bottle is hand blown, one bottle at a time, it an exceptional choice.  Therefore, it is placed it at the top of my Valentine’s Day gift selection of decorative perfume bottles.

This particular feature by Jonathan Winfisky is available in the Ruby Red that is shown, as well as several other colors.  You can select the color of your choice by either clicking the photo on the right or by clicking here to visit GrowGallery online.


Crystal Perfume Bottle with Hand Engraved Dragonflies

Beautiful decoration is not always in color.  As a matter of fact, this lovely bottle, which is hand engraved, is colorless but extremely desirable because of it’s unique shape.

Akoko, the artist,  signs all of her pieces and includes a certificate of Authenticity when shipped.  Each of her pieces are numbered as well.   She also offers to engrave a name or date on each piece which personalizes the gift for your one and only love.

Decorative Perfume Bottle

Crystal Bottle, Dragonflies
by AkokoArt


Glass Perfume Bottle with Orchid Stem

Decorative Perfume Bottles

Glass Perfume Bottle with Orchid Stem by Ckeitown

We all know how much women love flowers!   This artist has combined the love of flowers and perfume by creating this pretty bottle.

Ckeitown offers several flowers including a rose, but I selected the Orchid to feature.  Orchids are such a beautiful flower that often carry a lovely scent.  The delicate petals of an orchid beckon you to reach out and touch them.  However, I often refrain from touching any petals for fear of causing them to drop from the flower.  But, there is no need to worry with this orchid.  I could touch it until my heart is content and enjoy the fragrance captured in the bottle.

This is the perfect flower to give for any occasion, but especially Valentine’s Day.  Your sweetheart will think of you each time she sees the lovely bloom or reaches out to touch the petals.   Applying her perfume to her skin will remind her of you and your precious gift.


Art Nouveau Miniature Perfume Bottle Necklace

Crystals and jewels that twinkle and sprinkle invite us to adorn ourselves with beauty and romantic scents.  This gorgeous Art Nouveau bottle pendant is decorated with Swarovski® crystals, glass crystals and genuine pearls.   Clearly, this is a piece that combines jewelry, jewels & perfume into one beautiful gift.

Your sweetheart would certainly have a very unique necklace!  She could easily be the only person either of you know who owns a perfume bottle pendant, making her stand out as a real trendsetter herself.  And, yes, the bottle does open and the lid does have an applicator.

Decorative Perfume Bottle Necklace

Necklace by ElvenDesignArt

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Decorative Perfume Bottles






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  1. Susan says:

    Be still my heart! These perfume bottles are stunning, definitely true works of art. What wonderful, unique ideas for Valentine’s Day or any occasion where love is in the air. They’re absolutely beautiful.

  2. Raluca Elf says:

    Love your article about the perfume bottles!
    You found the perfect words to describe each perfume bottle’s personality!

    Thank you for featuring my creation: the Art Nouveau perfume bottle with genuine pearls!

    Wonderful 🙂

  3. Barbara says:

    I absolutely love beautiful perfume bottles, used to have several featured on a lovely glass tray in my youth. Not sure what happened to them now that I think about it? hmmm, I want them back now lol

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