Valentine’s Day Lego Sets

Valentine Lego SetsSo often we forget little boys on Valentine’s Day, but they enjoy getting Valentine gifts too.  Nothing could be more appropriate for a boy for Valentines than a Lego set made especially for the occasion.  Guys love Legos!  It really doesn’t matter if it is a day to celebrate romance to them or not.  They will love receiving a new Lego set and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving them something they will actually enjoy.

Little boys go to a lot of trouble to make their moms pretty Valentine’s Day cards.  It is the very least we can do to repay their kindness by giving them something they will love and treasure too.


 LEGO Seasonal Set #40085 Teddy BearCheck PriceLego Valentine Teddy Bear

Your little teddy bear will know for sure you had him in mind when you selected this Valentines Day gift!

This teddy bear is really cute!  He certainly has a heart full of love.

The teddy bear set has 127 pieces.   He would be fun to assemble and be quite adorable sitting out on the table or shelves on display reminding your son or grandson how much you love him.



 LEGO Valentines Cupid Dog 40201Check PriceLego Valentine Cupid Dog Set

I think all boys love puppies, so this “cupid dog” is sure to be a hit with your little guy!

The puppy dog set has 150 pieces and would likely go together rather quickly, but your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten as quickly.

Each time your child sees the little cupid dog, it will be like he is receiving you gift of love all over again.


Give Your Lego Lover a Gift He Can Give

 LEGO Creator Mini Figure Set #40029 Valentines Day Box BaggedCheck Price

My son always enjoys making Lego gifts to give to others, including myself. However, when he was a really little fellow, he had no idea how to get those sets himself. Either I or his dad had to purchase the sets in advance and give them to him to make for the lucky recipient, which very often was me.

He still brings me little Lego gifts that he has made for me, but he is old enough to get online and find them for himself now. That makes them truly big surprises for me when I get one. The red gift box is one of my favorites. It is really small, but that is definitely okay with me.


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Valentine's Day Lego Sets