Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas: Will You Marry Me Treasure Boxes

Unique-Proposal-Ideas-TreasValentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year and the day that more marriage proposals happen than any other day. If you’re wanting to pop the question on Valentine’s Day, you might enjoy some unique and interesting ways to ask her to marry you. Here are treasure boxes that do the asking for you, ready to place the engagement ring in the box and hand to her.

Will You Marry Me Treasure Boxes

Most gals dream of the day when he pops the question, but if you are one of those guys who gets tongue-tied when it comes to actually asking, let a treasure box say the words for you. Especially if you have the engagement ring for her, you can enclose it in a special box with the question “will you marry me” right on the top.  If you don’t have the engagement ring, don’t panic. Place a special poem of love in the box instead. Or write her a love note, why you want to marry her. You could even include an appointment card for the day you will go shopping with her for that engagement ring.

A Keepsake for Her Memory of that Special Day

When a women gets engaged, all her friends, family and co-workers always want to know how he popped the question. It’s a story your love will repeat many times. With a keepsake that she can show each time, she has a delightful story to tell. Then she has the treasure box to keep always, reminding her of the unique way you proposed marriage to her.

This will be a box that she will keep for years to come. I can promise you, she will keep only the very special trinkets and treasures in it. It will hold that very special memory of your proposal.

Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas

Many men look for those unique or unusual ways to propose marriage to their beloved woman. It’s great for a man to want to do something different, something that will be so very special for her to remember.

Even though Valentine’s Day is the most traditional day to ask your woman to marry you, you certainly don’t need to be traditional in your proposal. Deciding to do something unusual will just make you more charming in her mind and heart.