Say I Love You With … a Flash Drive??

USB Drive NecklaceA Unique Valentine’s Gift for Geeks

And, why not?  Giving a pretty flash drive necklace to a geek or working woman is just as romantic as giving any other gift for Valentine’s Day.  Sure, you can still give the usual flowers, candy and a sweet card, but you can also throw in a little something extra in the form of a gadget that’s both useful and attractive by giving her a flash drive necklace.

“Flash” your love and affection with an “I love you” USB drive, hidden in a heart-shaped pendant necklace.  I’ll show you some fun and pretty flash drive jewelry that would make a great gift for the techie in your life.  Or, perhaps a nice treat for yourself for Valentine’s Day.

You can also make this a super special gift with some personal extras.  Read on for some hints and suggestions for personalizing flash drive jewelry.


A Flower, Some Bling and a Flash Drive All in One

Crystal Rose Flash Drive Necklace
 Crystal Rose Flower Jewelry USB Drive with Necklace:8GB(Black)Check PriceSay it with flowers, well with a rose anyway.  This is one rose that will never fade or die.

Either of these necklaces is a lovely crystal rose flash drive that your sweetheart can wear around her neck.  This is truly a convenient, fashionable way to save and transport 8 GB of important files.

These necklaces are very pretty pieces of jewelry that are rather heavy and not cheaply made.  Plus, the flash drive works well too, which is obviously imperative.  This is a great way to bring computer files to school or to work.  It would also be perfect for carrying photos along when traveling to see friends or family.  This is definitely a very easy photo album to tote along.


Personalize Your Gift
Why not load the flash drive with photos of you both together perhaps on a birthday, holiday or other special occasion?
This is certainly one way to let her know you are paying attention and that those special moments matter to you too.


Crystal Heart Flash Drive Necklace

It’s a crystal – it’s a necklace – it’s a flash drive

This sweet, light pink and silver heart pendant houses an 8GB – 64GB drive that’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OS 10+

A really neat thing, the flash drive necklace is available in several colors including clear, blue, yellow and green.  You choose the memory size and the color of crystal that best suits you and your sweetheart.

 Shiny Crystal Heart Shape USB Drive with Necklace,light pinkCheck Price


Personalize Your Gift
Why not upload some loving messages or some poetry and pretty graphics so she gets a surprise the first time she opens it?


Shimmering Rhinestone Heart Necklaces with a Flash Drive Surprise

No one will know, unless you show them, that the pretty crystal heart pendant around your (or her) neck hides a USB drive inside.  This is a great way to carry the files you need and not leave that little flash drive behind at home, school or at work.

 8GB Pink and Clear Crystal Heart Style USB Flash Drive with NecklaceCheck Price 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/Pendant USB High speed Flash Memory Stick Pen Drive Disk NecklaceCheck Price


Vintage Style Necklace

USB Flash Drive inside a Gold and Silver CZ Diamond Heart Necklace

What a fabulously stylish gift!  The necklace itself is a fashion work of art.  This could easily become a favorite piece of jewelry that she wants to wear everyday even if she doesn’t need the memory device.

I would certainly wear this necklace even if it didn’t have the 8GB USB drive inside.  This would make a great gift for Valentine’s or any other occasion, along with a nice teddy bear or flowers.

 8GB USB Drive Classical Gold and Silver Cubic Diamond Heart Design with NecklaceCheck Price


Personalize Your Gift
Why not load the flash drive with a medley of romantic songs that will serenade her daily with your love?


More Heart-Shaped Flash Drive Necklaces – 16 and 8 GB Drives in Pretty Pendants

Each one of these pendant necklaces is a pretty piece of jewelry that any girl would love to get on Valentine’s day with the added surprise of a hidden flash drive – is that innovative or what?

As you can see, they are available in many different styles and colors.  Either of these heart necklaces will let her know that she holds your heart.  A very sentimental gift with a very practical application.  That combination appeals to a lot of women.   Totally awesome gift that would be greatly appreciated and treasured!   Most importantly, she will think of you and remember your thoughtfulness every time she wears the necklace or uses the flash drive.

 Crystal Asymmetric Heart Shape Jewelry USB  Drive with Necklace:8GB(silver)Check Price 8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/ Pendant USB High speed Flash Memory Stick Pen Drive Disk NecklaceCheck Price ULTNICE 32GB Crystal Heart Flash USB 2.0 Memory Stick (Blue)Check Price LHN® 8GB Carving Heart Pendant USB 2.0 Flash Drive (Purple)Check Price




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