Valentine’s Day Balloons

Valentine's Day BalloonBalloons are always fun for decorating, but on Valentine’s Day they also make a great gift!  These are the types of gifts that are truly good surprises and the kind we all like to get.

Not everyone can receive deliveries in the workplace and certainly not in the classroom.  These balloons give us the option of surprising our sweethearts with a special gift similar to the ones that would be professionally delivered.

Many of us enjoy keeping our Valentine’s Day cards in a scrapbook or box.  Balloons can also be keepsakes once they are deflated.  I have several in scrapbooks and I always enjoy seeing them next to the photos when I flip through the pages.  I can easily remember they way they were used to decorate or how they were presented to me.  Those moments are treasured memories that remind me of a love shared and a fun surprise.


Surprise Your Sweetheart with Valentine Balloons

Here are a few suggestions for ways to surprise your sweetheart with the gift of balloons.

  • Put the balloons in their car
  • Hide them in the closet so they are discovered when your sweetheart opens the door
  • Place them in the shower so they find them when they go to get ready for work or school
  • Set them in the middle of the table and use them as a centerpiece for that romantic dinner
  • Deliver them yourself during their lunch break
  • If you go to work before your sweetheart, set them by the coffee pot or breakfast table so they will find them before they leave
  • If they have a home office desk, place them on the desk so they can enjoy them while they work
  • With multi packs, you could even place them throughout your home

I’m sure you get the idea!  You know your daily routines.  Simply find a way to slip this special Valentine’s Day surprise into your sweethearts day to serve as a reminder of how much you love them and that you are thinking of them.


Valentine’s Day Balloons

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Helium & Balloon Weights

If you use helium to inflate your balloons, you will need some type of weight to hold them down so they won’t just fly up to the ceiling or into the sky.  Balloon weights are available in a variety of colors and even shapes, but for Valentine’s Day, I would select a basic red weight so it won’t detract from the balloons themselves.  I keep a stash of balloon weights so I can pull them out and use them again when needed.  If you need one quickly, you can always cover a brick with wrapping paper.

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Valentine's Day Balloons