Heart Shaped Serving Bowls & Dishes

Heart Stoneware BowlsHeart Shaped Serving Bowls & Dishes will give your table an elegant and romantic feeling any time of the year, but they are especially appropriate for Valentines.  Give your table a touch of ‘love’ and serve your meals, snacks, and party recipes in the heart shape serving bowls, trays and dishes.

After all, the food you will be serving was prepared with love, so it is fitting to serve the food in dishes that reflect that love to your guests and to your family.

These heart-shaped serving bowls and dishes are great Ideas for parties, family dinners or a dinner just for two!

The serving piece selections featured here can be used as a centerpiece, to serve your favorite recipe, filled with fruit or candy, or to showcase your garden finds such as flowers or other natural elements from the outdoors.

 Sizikato 2 PCS Heart Shaped Ceramic Bowl Salad Bowl Dessert Bowl Snack Bowl – 6 InchCheck PriceHeart Shaped Serving Dishes

Whether you are planning elegant or informal dining, fun dining starts with choosing amazing serving bowls and dishes to present the recipes you love to provide for your friends and family.

Heart shaped serving dishes come in plastic, pottery, glass, and more. Simply choose they style that best suits your needs.

Use the bowls and dishes to decorate a table and bring love into your dining experience. I have no doubt that you can find great ways to serve your favorite snacks, recipes, or to even make fabulous gift selections with the featured heart bowls, plates and pans.


Heart Shaped Casserole Pan

Put this beauty on a trivet or hot pad, set it on your table and let it double as a serving bowl!

 Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 2-Quart Heart Casserole, RedCheck Price


Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole Pan

Isn’t that red casserole pan gorgeous!  It would definitely be perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Heart-shaped, red and exquisite name brand cookware.

Features of the Le Creuset 2 quart Cast Iron Casserole pan

  • Can be used on the stove-top or in the oven
  • Enameled cast iron
  • Conducts and retains heat

Plus, it is dishwasher safe and has a warranty of 101 years.


Heart Shaped Dinnerware Gift Idea

Heart shaped dinnerware is not only beautiful on your own table, but why not give your favorite as a keepsake gift to your sweetheart, or perhaps even to your closest family and friends.  Put a few items in one of these bowls that your friend can actually use to create something amazing later.  A recipe card with your treasured soup recipe, a bag of a few dry ingredients, and a beautiful bow will give this bowl a classy gift worthy finish and will be remembered long after the gift is given.  Every time your friend makes your recipe and serves it in this heart pottery bowl, you will be remembered fondly.

 Polish Pottery 10¾-inch Heart Shaped Bowl made by Ceramika Artystyczna (Waiting Birds Theme) Signature UNIKAT + Certificate of AuthenticityCheck Price


A Design & Color for Everyone

Simply choose your favorite and start serving your loved ones from your heart shaped bowl right away.


More Stoneware Heart Bowls

These stoneware heart shaped bowls are not only beautiful, but they are microwavable, oven safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe.  They are great for everyday use, as well as appropriate for special occasions and celebrations.

 Polish Pottery 5½-inch Heart Shaped Bowl made by Ceramika Artystyczna (Maraschino Theme) + Certificate of AuthenticityCheck Price Blue Rose Polish Pottery Floral Butterfly Large Heart BowlCheck Price Authentic Polish Pottery 9¾-inch Heart Shaped Bowl made by Ceramika Artystyczna (Crazy Daisy Theme) + Certificate of AuthenticityCheck Price


Heart Shaped China & Porcelain Serving Dishes

Heart platesLenox Butterfly Meadow Heart Party Plates, White, Set of 2
Check Price


Why not make a special treat and serve it on a heart shaped china or porcelain dish?

Peanut Butter Fudge on Heart Shape plateYou could even make a special homemade candy recipe and present your gift of love to your sweetheart on a heart shaped plate.

The candy will disappear quickly, but the plate will still remain as a cherished gift.

The candy shown in the photo above is my own personal Peanut Butter Fudge recipe which is featured on Cooking for the Holidays. That Peanut Butter Fudge recipe was handed down to me from my mother and it is always a special treat. Her recipe is not published anywhere except on Cooking for the Holidays.

Candy Dishes and More

Valentines Day is a time to celebrate love, and hearts are everywhere. They have become a symbol of love, happiness and Valentine’s Day. Using any of the heart-shaped bowls, dishes or pans is not only a great way to serve your food, but they add their own special touch and express your feelings without having to say one word.

The serving pieces featured above are all quite unique and have their own appeal, but many of us also enjoy glassware. Glass is another amazing way to have heart shaped bowls and serving dishes handy for the table. If you love the look of glass in your home, you are going to love these Heart Shaped dishes to serve your favorite side dish, snack, or dip.

 Luxshiny Glass Crystal Dessert Bowl Heart Bowl Salad Apetizer Serving Dish with Golden Trimming for Serving Fruit Salad SnackCheck Price Gaolinci Heart-Shaped Embossed Glass Bowl, Fruit Salad Bowl, Dessert Bowl (Set of 2)Check Price Cabilock Heart Shaped Bowl Glass Salad Bowl Fruit Candy Snack Bowl Food Serving Bowl Transparent Food Storage ContainerCheck Price