Valentine Nail Art with Decals and Tattoos

Celebrate Valentines Day with fabulous nails!   Decorating our finger nails is something we do for ourselves.  Adding pretty designs on our nails is a special personal treat.  Beautiful nails simply make us feel beautiful all over.  For those of us who type on a keyboard, or look at our hands all day, having beautiful nails is important.  Nail art is a bit of visual art to enjoy all day long that is literally right at our finger tips.  Of course, we enjoy the compliments from others too.

Valentine nail art sets come in a variety of sizes and quantities.  Some are only good for a one time application.  Others have enough supplies to do several applications.  Perhaps you would like to decorate your own nails, then help, or share your decals with a friend.  Sometimes one subtle design is all we want, but other times we want more to make our nails really glimmer and pop.  The subtle nail art may be required for work, but we can go all out for evenings and parties.

These Valentine nail decal sets are great to give as gifts too.

 8 Sheets Valentine’s Day Nail Art Stickers Decals,3D Self-Adhesive Nail Art SuppliesCheck Price



Valentine Nail Art Decal Kits

 Valentine’s Day Nail Decals Assortment Water Slide Nail Art Decals – Salon Quality 5.5Check Price

These kits come with an assortment of decals.  You can add just one decal to a nail, or add several together to make a unique design.

The decals can be worn on your natural nails or on artificial nails.  For natural nails, you need to apply a base coat of nail polish before you add the decals.  However, a base coat is not necessary for artificial nails, but you will want to add the decals to false nails before you attach the nails to you fingers.

When selecting your nail polish colors, keep in mind that some designs are dark and will need a light or white base coat for the background. Also, the decal sets featured here are for the decals only. Rhinestones or other embellishments would need to be purchased separately.

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A Lovely Rose Nail Decal for Valentine’s Day

Why not give yourself roses for Valentine’s Day this year!

 40 Red Rose Flower Swirl Nail Art Decal Sticker SetCheck Price


These rose nail stickers are easy peel and stick, but you would still want to cover them with a light coat of clear nail polish to protect them from damage.  They are beautiful on as shown on all 4 nails, but it would also be a lovely way to draw attention to your ring finger by only wearing one decal.


Adding Rhinestones to Your Nail Decal Design

 1200pcs New Nail Art Rhinestones Glitters Acrylic Tips Decoration Manicure WheelCheck Price

You are only limited by the extent of your own imagination and nail surface space.

Having a variety of colored rhinestones allows you to embellish and change the looks of any nail decal by adding sparkle.  You could easily wear a single decal to work and add the rhinestones later for evening wear.

The photographer did a great job of capturing the sparkle of the rhinestones on the models nails.  The rhinestones on the model seem to be varying sizes of rhinestones.

However, the rhinestones in the box are all the same size.



Valentines Day Nail Art Decals