Heart Shaped Wood Carved Music Box

Wooden Heart Music BoxGuys, if you are looking for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift that will be treasured for a lifetime, may I recommend this beautiful wooden music box.  It is not a huge music box, it measures a little over 4″, but it would be a lovely keepsake.  Each time the melody plays, your sweetheart will think of you.

It is not necessary to open the lid on this music box for it to play.  You simply wind the knob on the bottom and it plays.  The musical mechanism is inside of the box.  There isn’t really room for anything else in the box.  It is not intended for storage.  It is a simple, pretty music box.

The heart shape speaks of love and women love keepsakes.  Tangible items, like this box, that they can hold and dwell on the shared love and memories of wonderful times together.  Her senses will be tingling as she sees, hears, & touches this lovely gift.  It will serve as a constant reminder of you.


The Heart Shaped Wood Music Box

The music box is available with choice of tunes.  You can either select “Castle in the Sky” composed by Joe Hisaishi or “Für Elise” composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven.  The musical mechanism plays 18 notes of the composition.  Either tune is a lovely melody.  That melody, when heard in other places, will immediately remind your sweetheart of you. 

The laser cut scroll work on the top of the heart gives this music box a unique and beautiful appearance that is suitable with any home decor.  It is truly an exceptional design.  But this gift is not as much about decor as it is about giving an expression of love.  

A Gift Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive to be Priceless!

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Heart Shaped Music Box