Valentine Heart Cake Pans

One of my personal favorite things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, is to bake a specialty cake for my sweetheart.  I have baked heart-shaped cakes for years now.  Most often, I bake a strawberry cake with strawberry icing, but any flavor cake and icing is always appreciated.

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I have several heart-shaped bake pans myself and I make my choice for a particular year based on how many people will be eating cake. If I am planning a party, I obviously bake a larger, double layer cake. However, if I am simply baking a cake for my husband, a smaller cake is certainly enough for the two of us.

The single layer, standard cake pan shown is very easy to use. Simply grease & flour the pan, pour in your cake mix, bake, let it cool for 10 min., gently tap the cake pan on the kitchen counter and turn the cake out onto a plate. Then decorate the cake as desired.

The Wilton 9 Inch Heart Pan cake pan is the pan I have used most often over the years.

Heart Shaped Cake Pans for a Party

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For a party, I would opt to make a larger, double layer heart cake. This, of course, requires 2 pans. I prefer to use a 10-Inch Heart Shaped Cake Pan topped with a 6-Inch Heart Shaped Cake Pan.

Preparing and baking the two cakes are the same as described above, expect the smaller cake does take less time to bake.

You can test if the cake is done by simply inserting a clean toothpick. If the toothpick comes out clean, the cake is done.  If the toothpick is not perfectly clean, then the cake will need to bake a little longer.

These double layer cakes are also perfect for a wedding shower or small reception.


The Heart Shaped Silicone Cake Pan

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While the Wilton aluminum cake pans have been my first choice in cake pans for decades, I did recently try the newer silicone cake pan. I was actually pretty favorably impressed with the results.

It was very easy to turn out the cake.  Actually, much easier than with the standard aluminum pans. The only disadvantage that I can see in the silicone pan, ironically, is that it is so flexible. The larger silicone pans are a bit unwieldy when they are filled with cake batter and you are moving the pan to the oven.

You really can’t tell the difference in taste or shape of the cakes once they are baked, but I do strongly recommend that if you are going to buy the silicone cake pan, select a higher grade, stronger silicone pan from a time-tested, reputable company.

No one wants to see their work end up in the floor!

More Heart Shaped Cake Pans

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There truly is a wide selection of fabulous baking pans available today, including mini cakes and Bundt pans, which means there really is something for everyone.


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