Precious Moments Figurines for Valentines Day

 Precious MomentsPrecious Moments Figurines for Valentines Day are beautiful tokens of love for giving on Valentines Day to people we hold most dear in our lives.

There are amazing choices for your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife or husband, and even selections for mother, father, daughter, son, and grandchildren.

Precious Moments Figurines have long been the perfect gift for any occasion, but you will find a wide range of great gifts dedicated to the day of love.  These figurines that express so much in their designs are sure to become treasured keepsakes and daily reminders of the giver!

I personally have a large collection of collectibles that have been given to me over the years and I cherish each one.  They are constant reminders of the people who are most important in my own life.  They were not very expensive when purchased, but to me they are priceless mementos.

 Precious MomentsCheck Price

Show them how much you love them with a Precious Moments figurine for Valentines Day.  Arms open wide to show the extent of your love, this little guy is actually perfect for anyone.  What woman wouldn’t cherish a little figurine that, with every glance, says it all so well and reminds us of how much we are loved.


Sam Butcher, the American artist, developed the Precious Moments line in 1974.
The gorgeous porcelain figurines with tear drop eyes are still very popular today.


Couples Precious Moments Figurines

The couples style Precious Moments Figurines for Valentine’s Day are a  great choice for anyone.  If you are part of a couple, then give a “couples” Precious Moments Figurine.  The unspoken message will be loud and clear.

 Precious Moments 172005 You’re My Favorite Place To Be Couple Together on Couch Bisque Porcelain FigurineCheck Price

Precious Moments “Together is The Nicest Place To Be” Figurine

The highlight of the couples figurines is “You’re My Favorite Place To Be” because it is so adorable and will give your loved one a memento of those ‘precious moments’ as soon as they open the gift.  Time and time again it will remind the recipient of where we really want be.  At home, comfy, cozy and snuggling with the one we love.

There are dozens of couples figurines available engaged in various activities, indoor and out. I have featured only one here today, but you can see the entire collection by clicking the link provided at the bottom of this page.


Girl Precious Moments Figurines For Him

 Precious Moments 152015 Forever by Your Side, Bisque Porcelain FigurineCheck Price

The Highlight of the Girls Figurines For Him is the Precious Moments “Forever By Your Side”.  This is a great communication that your love is strong for him and you want him, and the whole world, to know it.  It also indicates that you trust him.  After all, a girl would only get on a motorcycle with someone they trust to keep them safe.

One of the reasons Precious Moments Figurines have become so popular is simply because unlike a card, it will be displayed and be a continuous reminder of the love shared.  Sometimes cards get tucked away, but a Precious Moments Figurine is more likely to be displayed in a way that it will be seen time and time again, sometimes for years to come.


Boy Precious Moments Figurines For Her

 Precious Moments I Love You For All You Do Boy Holding Tray Figurine, 114002Check Price

The Highlight of Precious Moments Figurines for Her is this adorable Precious Moments Boy Holding a Tray.  This would be amazing for “her” from her husband, boyfriend, son, or any ‘boy’ in her life.  And the “her” could be any woman in your life.

The symbolism of a tray, of course, is the promise you will remember all she does for you and in return, you will give her breakfast in bed now and then or bring her tea while she is reading by the fire on a winter evening.



Mother Daughter Precious Moments Figurines

There are also the Mother Daughter Precious Moments Figurines which would be fabulous for your mom, daughter, grandmother, or any women in your life who nurtures you ‘like family’.

 Precious Moments, I Cherish Our Time Together, Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Mother and Daughter, 144004Check PriceAre you giving Mom, Grandmother, or your daughter a Valentines Day Gift? 

These would make great gifts for women to share with each other even if they are ‘like’ mother / daughter.  Some of us are even blessed with a mother-in-law who has shown us love from the very first meeting.  This would be the perfect choice for a  supportive friend from different generation who has mentored us or helped us along the way.

If you want to give a ‘mother daughter’ message to someone you care about, then this style is just for you.



A Precious Moment Figurine for Anyone

There are many Precious Moment figurines that would be appropriate to give to anyone.  Look at the images and read the sentiments expressed in their faces as well as in the title of the piece.   You are sure to find one that says exactly what you want wish to communicate.

 Precious MomentsCheck Price Precious Moments You Melt My HeartCheck Price


There are dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of Precious Moments figurines that express love and would make fabulously wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts.

You can see the entire collection available by simply clicking Here!

I have no doubt, whichever one you select will be perfect for the one you love.


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  1. Precious, indeed! The Precious Moments line of figurines send messages that express exactly the love or other feeling you want to convey to that special someone in your life. Your selections for Valentine’s Day are perfect.

  2. Susan says:

    Precious Moments figurines are such a treat, especially for Valentine’s Day. I love the little one with the chocolates. How perfect that is! Hmm, me thinks I need to add it to my “suggestions” for this year.

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