Valentine Puzzles

 ALAZA Valentine’s Day Jigsaw Puzzle 500 PiecesCheck Price

Piece Together a Picture of Love for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s themed puzzles make nice additions to gift baskets full of treats for your sweetheart, along with stuffed animals, candy, and jewelry. You can use a puzzle in place of a traditional card, and they also make great gifts for the kids to bring to school for their friends.

Valentine’s puzzles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, kinds and levels of difficulty, but the important thing they have in common is the message of love and affection they convey.

Here, I’ll show you a variety of puzzles you can choose from for the holiday or any day you want to say “I love you” with a sweet gift.


Romantic gift idea for Valentine’s – Personalized Valentine’s Day Puzzle

 Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults 500 Pieces – Be My Valentine PersonalizedCheck Price

Make her work for it…
Personalized Valentine’s Day Puzzle Gift – Your Personal Message

You come up with the secret message, add personal photos, and your Valentine has to put the puzzle together to find out what you want to say.

These puzzles will certainly become cherished momentos of your love and special times together.

It’s all about your love!


Love’s One Big Puzzle…

Magic cubes for Valentines

These magic cubes are sort of like rubic cubes for lovers. You can pick out just the right level of difficulty for your loved one to puzzle over.

 Siamese 3x3x1 Heart Super Floppy Cuboid Green Puzzle CubeCheck Price


Valentines Puzzle of Sweet Treats – add a sweet touch to her Valentine’s Day

This 19.25-inch x 26.5-inch puzzle lets your sweetheart enjoy all sorts of Valentine’s goodies without all the calories.

There is a tasty recipe on the back of the box, though, which you could make to go along with the gift, or perhaps you could make it together later and share the fun of cooking too.

It is always more fun to “share” a tasty treat!

 EuroGraphics Sweet Valentines 1000 Piece PuzzleCheck Price


A Variety of Valentine’s Puzzles – For sweethearts of all ages

8 Valentine Puzzle Cards

Write your Valentine messages on each of these cards, then take them apart and place in the envelopes and let the recipients piece your messages together.

This is always a fun game and puzzle for the giver and the recipient.

 Gift Boutique Valentines Day Puzzle Cards 8 Pack Greeting Love Cards with EnvelopesCheck Price



Cute Mini Animal Valentine Puzzles

 Sale Mini Animal Valentine Puzzles SaleCheck Price

Each package includes a dozen 16-piece, 4-inch square puzzles with a variety of images.

Mini puzzles make great party favors, or you can include them in a basket full of Valentine’s treats.

Most children really enjoy the animal pictures too.



Valentine Maze Puzzles

 Lot of 18 Plastic Valentine Maze Puzzle Fun Favors with CardsCheck Price

Not all puzzles are made up of pieces.

This is a set of a variety of 12 maze puzzles in different shapes and designs. Move the maze to move the little ball that rolls inside.

These make fun little party favors or gifts for the kids or the classroom.




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  1. Susan says:

    Oh, how cute! What a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I love puzzles on any day, but these are such fun. Think of how adorable those mini animal puzzles are. Perfect gifts for my granddaughters, too!

  2. I’ve always been a fan of jigsaw puzzles and remember looking up Valentine puzzles at one time. My favorite is that personalized puzzle — I think it’s so clever to compose a secret message and your ‘loved one’ you give the puzzle to won’t know what the message is until they put the puzzle together. Very sweet and romantic Valentine idea. 🙂

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