Darling Doggie Shirts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine-Doggie-ShirtsAnyone who uses shirts for their dogs will adore a Valentine’s Day doggie shirt. Both practical and fun, these Valentine dog shirts make great gifts for both the canine and the human.

More Than Dog Decor

Although I have been proudly owned by many dogs in my life, I rarely thought about dressing them up. That changed for me with a small elderly Yorkie. Sir Kent, as he is known, joined me as a rescue. With the colder weather, I began to realize he was shivering. This little guy needed some winter clothing. I promptly got him a little doggie shirt. Yes, the shivering stopped. He needs an extra layer when it’s cold much the same way I do.

Sharing Valentine’s Day with Your Canine Pal

With all my canine pals, I have enjoyed sharing each holiday with them. Valentine’s Day is no different. My dogs have always been considered part of the family. OK, it was a little embarrassing when my daughter referred to my Great Dane as her big brother, but I digress. Pet lovers do enjoy sharing their world with their pet. So I decided I wanted to get a Valentine’s Day shirt for my dog. The choices are truly amazing.

The talented artists from Zazzle.com have put their skills into some of the most clever designs for Valentine’s Day. From just plain hearts, to charming sayings. I had no difficulty finding plenty of options to choose from. I had a very difficult time narrowing it down.

Find Your Own Darling Doggie Shirt

These are just a few of the choices that I found. Since I want to include my little Yorkie in the Valentine’s Day festivities, I do need to make a decision here. You can choose from two different styles, a ribbed tank top and a more traditional t-shirt. Each in 4 different colors. The sizes work for nearly every dog size. XS for dogs up to 4 pounds all the way to 3X for those dogs over 85 pounds. You’re sure to find the perfect design, style and size for your own dog.